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2016 Winter Service Plan
Labor Rate $100.00 per hour Click here to download 2016 Winterization & Storage Pricing

Marine Sales Gold Club Service Plan
With this plan we review your service history and we perform the necessary services needed to maintain your warranty and keep your boat in top condition. This will give you the peace of mind that your investment is well protected. All work will require your authorization before charged to your account.

Annual Winterizing | Engine Service | Generator Service | Prop Repair | Pontoon Tube Cleaning
Battery Service | Trailer Service | Haul & Service Calls

Annual Engine / Boat Winterizing Service Winterizing engines and water systems ~ Mandatory for Pickwick Lake winters!

  • Add Full Throttle fuel stabilizer to fuel tank - prevents formation of gum and varnish. Run engine and fog, prevents rust and corrosion of internal parts. Drain cooling system water and flush with antifreeze prevents freezing and cracking of parts. Inspect propeller for damage and send out unless specifically noted.
  • Additional Winterizing MSP will flush water systems with antifreeze to avoid damage i.e.. ballast bags, porta potti, head, air conditioning, fresh water, etc.
  • Pump Holding Tank / Porta Potti All holding tanks and porta potti's must be pumped prior to hauling out of the water.
  • Pre Spring Commission *Must be done prior to boat launch
  • Charge and reconnect battery. Run engine on hose or in test tank prior to launch, check fluid levels. Verify normal shifting engagement.

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Engine Service

  • Check cooling, fuel, and electrical systems. Change engine oil, oil filter, and fuel water separator. Check power steering and power trim fluids and fill if needed.
  • Lower Unit Service
    • Visually inspect lower unit, bellows and hoses.
    • Lubricate transom assembly, engine coupler, and steering.
    • Change lower unit oil.
  • Gimbal Ring U-Bolt - Re-torque U-bolt. Helps to reduce gimbal ring failure.
  • In-Line Fuel Filter - Necessary on all 2002 and newer boats.
  • Cool Fuel III fuel filter - 2005 and newer boats.
  • Torque manifold nuts
  • Outdrive Service *Every other year starting first year on all new boats.
  • Remove outdrive. Grease u-joints and check engine alignment. Visually inspect bellows. Remove prop, check prop shaft and reinstall prop. Install outdrive. Check shifting operation.
  • Water Pumps *Every other year
  • Major engine failure possible if not replaced. Water pump draws lake water to cool engine.
  • Major Tune Up *Every three years
  • Remove and replace distributor cap, rotor, and spark plugs (points and condensers if nec).

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Generator Service (For boats 30' and larger) *Every year

  • Winterize at the end of each season
  • Summerize prior to boat launch in the spring
  • Generator oil and impeller should be replaced annually

Prop Repair

Prop Repair, all props will be sent out for repair unless specifically instructed. MSP professional staff will assess the damage and repair as necessary. Please instruct us if you decline this service.

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Pontoon Tube Cleaning

Price, $10.00 per foot two tubes and $12.00 per foot three tubes.
All pontoon boats that are left in the water should be cleaned with muriatic acid and hand washed with soap and water prior to winter storage.

Battery Service
Battery Service, charge $4.00 per battery
All batteries 3 years and older should be replaced.

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Trailer Service

  • Trailer Inspection - Inspect trailer; set tire pressure, grease wheel bearings and check all lights
  • Trailer Maintenance - Trailer service; remove wheels, check brakes, re-pack bearings and check coupler.

Haul out charges and service calls
Haul Out and Service Call charges vary depending upon boat location and size. Call for price.

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Make an appointment today to winterize your boat. Email Kevin Stevens in our service department and schedule your appointment today.

Marine Sales is a Certified Service Center

Tuesday - Saturday
8:30am - 5:00pm



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