When it comes to sport boats, Yamaha has established itself as the market leader.

Yamaha’s first plunge into the marine business was back in 1987 when they introduced the legendary Waverunner. Yamaha earned the reputation for the most reliable personal watercraft on the water. Next time you’re at the beach, just check out what all the PWC rental companies use, it’s Yamaha! It’s one of Yamaha’s greatest testaments to dependability.

Building off of the success of the Waverunner, Yamaha unveiled their first jet boat in 1996. Since that time, Yamaha has built their boat lineup taking it from a niche product to now being the #1 selling fiberglass boat from 19-25 ft! Yamaha’s reliability is a big part of their success but by no means is it the only reason. Every Yamaha comes recreation-ready, fully-equipped with a total package of amenities that brings the good life to life on the water. Just check out Yamaha’s list of standard equipment and compare it to the competitions list of additional options! And if that’s not enough, Yamaha’s performance will put you back in your seat! Yamaha boats are engineered to perform at peak levels when powered with Yamaha purpose-built marine engines. While other manufactures piece together their boats with engines built by other companies, Yamaha boats are head to toe Yamaha DNA. All systems are designed and tested to work seamlessly together creating superb performance and reliability.

Come see for yourself why Yamaha REVS YOUR HEART!